Elli Mosayebi, Michael Kraus (eds.)

The Renewal of Dwelling. European Housing Construction between 1945–1974

→ Awarded with the DAM Architectural Book Award 2023

→ Awarded as one of the most beautiful books of Germany 2023

The diversity of housing themes in the post-war period is presented on two levels: firstly through an archive of exemplary housing developments and secondly with a collection of texts that engage with detailed aspects of housing in the examined cities. The archive of housing projects consists of original plans, sketches, photographs and short texts.

Today, many of the presented buildings are in danger of being demolished or have already been removed, since they were not appreciated sufficiently. The dominant narrative is one of deficiencies. The value debate with respect to preserving such buildings lacks visions for the future. This book aims to renew the existing narrative and thereby inspire a positive approach to such post-war buildings.

The study is based on 54 selected settlements and buildings from Zagreb, Cologne, Oslo, Porto, Lyon, Athens and the region of Liverpool/Manchester and Leeds/Sheffield.

With contributions by: Elli Mosayebi and Michael Kraus, Jasper Cepl with Sam Jacoby and Valerio Massaro; Irina Davidovici; Philippe Dufieux; Nuno Grande; Anne-Kristine Kronborg; Karin Šerman and Jana Horvat and Panayotis Tournikiotis.


Buchgestaltung und Fotos: Büro 146, Zürich